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Why won't my daughter smile in photos?

My daughter Liberty has a beautiful smile. She smiles and laughs a lot. And yet something strange happens when you point a camera at her and actually ask her to smile.
You get either Exhibit A: The Aardman Character (or “More tea Gromit?”)
Exhibit B: The Hitman (or “I could smile but I may have to kill you”)

Or Exhibit C: The Bouncer (or “Your Name’s Not Down and You’re Not Coming In”)

Oh, I could go on.
Just to prove that she is actually a bobby dazzler, here’s the picture of her before I said ‘smile’. To see what happened when I did utter that word, see Exhibit A above.

Are there any keen photographers out there that can offer me some advice about how to get my little girl to smile at the camera?

4 replies on “Why won't my daughter smile in photos?”

Maybe say a word other than “Cheese”…… a word that makes her laugh possibly…. come on Libby you HAVE to smile when the wedding pictures are taken! You will make such a beautiful flower girl and with that killer smile you will knock them all dead! 😉

Karen, have you seen the pictures from Sarah’s wedding where Libby is hiding her face? Or the Sinclair Family Portrait where Libby had to be digitally remastered to make it look as though she was looking at the camera at the same time as the rest of us?
Love the idea of an alternative word to ‘cheese’. Jude is thinking of an alternative right now….

Yes I have seen those two pics! Libby is a tough nut to crack! 😛 lol But if you can find a word that makes her laugh MAYBE it might help…. always worth a try! can’t wait to see what Jude comes up with! xxx

CD – if you can find the time do a little photoshoot just you and her. She’s clearly got a terrific sense of humour and just feels a bit silly and self-conscious having her photo taken, especially when she is with her brothers. A girl after my own heart.
Take LOADS of pics – so easy if you have an SLR – and show her each time what they’re like. She doesn’t need to sit and pose, she can jump about or pull silly faces if she wants to… but you’ll also eventually get her to not see the camera as a threat but as a fun thing…

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