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Snow Day!

Here in Staffordshire it started snowing on Saturday and snowed right through the night.
The troopers loved it, and spent all day sledding, making snowmen and digging out drives. Amazingly, the same three troopers that spent eight hours playing out in the snow on Sunday were the same ones who complained bitterly about the cold (and the injustice of it all) on the 15 minute walk to school on Monday morning….
Here’s the snowman I made with Liberty. I say ‘with’ but it really entailed me doing as I was told while she sat in the warm conservatory eating an apple….
Liberty for Snowmen!
I didn’t mind that she stayed inside though, as here is the monster she had made with all the troopers on our street (picture features my son Sam, Liberty and her best friend William). Jude is sledding at this point.

We also helped out a few of our neighbours in the street by clearing their drives of snow. Here is Sam proudly modelling the spade he used to clear our neighbour’s drive (please note – he is not wearing gloves because he had just taken them off soaking wet when I asked him if I could snap him

I am just awaiting ‘action shots’ of Jude on a sled…
The troopers are all praying for more snow, and if I’m honest…. so am I.