I’ve been a Royal Engineer Commando, PE teacher, security guard at the UK Mission to the UN in New York and a PCSO in the Metropolitan Police, but by far the most demanding job to date is as stay-at-home dad to my three kids: Samuel, Jude and Liberty.

I still count bringing my first son, Samuel, back from the hospital as one of the most daunting experiences of my life. All the parenting books and classes were geared towards the birth, and then suddenly you’re at home with the baby. In charge.

I found myself thinking how much easier life would be if there was a basic training manual for being a dad: a stripped down, basic guide to all the practical skills I needed to learn – fast.

Eight years and two more children later – and armed with the experience of being a qualified childminder – I wrote that manual. Commando Dad: Basic Training – How to be an Elite Dad or Carer, Birth to Three Years.

I created this website as back up support to the book, and to enable me – and other dads – to share tips and advice. In my opinion, no one can support a new dad like another dad.

Neil Sinclair