Commando Dad : The Book

Ever wished that new babies came with a manual?... They Do Now!


Commando Dad is an indispensable training manual for new recruits to fatherhood. Written by ex-Royal Engineer Commando and dad of three, Neil Sinclair, this straightforward guide can teach new dads – fast – all the practical skills they need to be an effective parent.


The book's stripped down style is based on the Army Basic Training Manual and is designed to fit in a dad's pocket for use 'in the field'.

Commando Dad is very much based on what you need to do, not what you feel. As Neil puts it: "At 0-silly-hundred-hours, with a screaming baby trooper in your arms, 700 pages of someone telling you about their emotions isn't the answer."

Chapters include:
• New Recruits: Surviving the first 24 hours
• Sleep and other Nocturnal Missions
• Call the Medic: Basic first aid and unit maintenance
• On Manoeuvres: Transporting the Troops
• Nutrition: An Army marches on its Stomach
• Morale: Commando Dad's Secret Weapon

The book is all about applying military precision to parenting – in terms of being organised, prepared, and planning ahead, all while being the best dad you can be. It also features military terminology throughout, for example 'flash to bang time' (the time it takes dads to react to a situation), 'squared away' (everything organised and in the right place), 'compassion fatigue' (when tiredness makes you feel you have no compassion left. Dig deep).


This website is designed to support the book with forums full of dads that can offer help, guidance and support; and 'how to' videos about how to hold, feed, burp, change and bath baby troopers.

To see an excerpt of the book, please click here.

"One of the best parenting books I ever read "
Lorraine Kelly
"The advice, approved by healthcare professionals, is quick to read, easy to understand and simple to digest, delivered in short, unambiguous bullet points and, no-nonsense rules – and, pretty unarguably, spot on. "
John Henley, The Guardian.
"There’s a brilliant book called Commando Dad…. by Neil Somebody (was a commando, apparently) who gives blokey instruction on how to hold your BT (Baby Trooper) at head end as well as bottom, lay it flat and wipe its bits. His language is breezy and upbeat. The pictures are clear and comic-book-like. He is as trustworthy and reliable a source of advice (one feels, on reading him) as the BBC midwives on their pre-war bicycles. "
Vicki Woods, The Telegraph